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Sunday, January 1, 2012

We in 2012 !

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 12:10 AM

What so special about it?
Well, nothing actually. Those year just make me older and older. 
From `teen` at the end of my number of age, this damn 2012 makes no longer `teen` at the back of my age. 
This year, i am 20years old already.
Kinda freak me out. Am i no longer younger?
Hahhaaha... so stupid of me.
Asking the question that i already knew the answers.

About the things of MARRIED, fuh! I am MAJOR not ready for it. :x
Hope i`m gonna not married this year (kalau dah jodoh awal, apa boleh buat).
I don`t want to follow most of my friends footsteps.

Aiyo, i got 3 invitation from 3 of my friends.
1 of them same age with me(gonna married early of  January)
those 2 (married the end of January and middle of February), still 19 and 18years old. :|
Niat di hati, yes ! i really want to get married as soon as possible but i`m still immature and know nothing about life of married. 
If can, i want my life stable before get married, have job, can cook, not depending on others and so on. And my age at least 23 or more to get married.  hihi

By the way, very noisy here. Bang! Boom! Kebaboom!
Its ANNOYING me! strez


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