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Monday, October 22, 2012

Aku Benci Dia by Nono

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 9:44 AM 0 comments
Actually, i wrote this lyrics around 2 years ago and i never record it~
I dunno why today i feels like i want to record it~
So, i record it just now~
My voice might be not got enough but at least i dare to sing and upload it into youtube~
Any anok, muji, ngoje i will accept it but please don`t be over~
*sorry for the watermark ( trial abis sudah la )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Temuduga Terbuka Airasia di SARAWAK 2012

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 10:52 AM 2 comments
Finally, dapat gak aku nak try interview nie.
Wish me luck...

For more details

Kuching International Airport

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Siapa ada jual vest/jacket camni?

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 3:59 AM 1 comments
I`m so desperate looking for this vest~

If you have found the exactly vest like this, please leave your comment include link page/blog or any website.

I need it urgently .

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Time Machine

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 5:10 PM 0 comments

I seriously want a time machine. 
Not because I can go back and change all of my stupid mistakes for 
I need those mistakes to grow as a person, 
but instead, 
I would like to go back in time so that I could visit the people that had left me. 
I would like to say goodbye and give them one last hug, reminding them how much I love them for I never got a chance to do so before they left. ♥ :]

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Using Hair Chalk

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 11:12 PM 0 comments
Lama betul aku tak update entry~

Ok~ to the point.
Korang tao tak apa tu Hair Chalk?
Haaa~ benda nie la namanya Hair Chalk !

( p/s: boleh digunakan untuk mewarna rambut juga sebenarnya [ bahan untuk seni ] )

Nampak tu? Benda ini boleh digunakan untuk chalk kan rambut. Ia nya tidak kekal dah bila dibilas, warna nya akan hilang.

By the way, tujuan aku sebenarnya bukan nak promot benda nie pon.

Aku nak tunjuk gambar. 1st time aku pakai nie sebenarnya dan ini hasilnya. 

Red Green Blue

Lepas ni, tak perlu aku nak dye kan rambut dah. 
Pakai tu pon okay ^^ 

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