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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I`m COMING SOON to Kuala Lumpur

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 2:48 AM
Yay ! The date almost near for my vacations !
Can`t wait to reach the date !
I already planning it for 2 months + already ..

*two months , okay?

Well, not really official i gonna stay at Kuala Lumpur, its just my flight gonna depart there. 
Hehehe.. i don`t wanna state the date here, but what confirm are, i gonna been there for around 10days ( maybe ) or more.

These are a few place i gonna go and its in my planning lists.

  1. Seremban - My boyfriend brother`s wedding

  2. Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur - Reunion with my PLKN girls, shopping, walk around ( got an addiction, maybe i`ll go try for cabin crew interview )
  3. Melaka - Wanna try for eye of Malaysia ( as i recall, it was at Melaka, right or not? ), visit Historical place, Jongka Walk
  4. Seremban *again - For his brother second wedding
  5. Port Dickson - Yay ! You know it what to do there
  6. Pulau Langkawi - Yay ! Eagle ! Wekkk~ Kiddin ~ Of course to end up my vacation there
Okay, thats all in my planning lists. Hope gonna goes smoothly according to plans. 

*sorry to all because has been long time i didnt update my blog.

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