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Monday, January 28, 2013

Barbie Lens - Chinese New Year Promotion!!!

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Chinese New Year Promotion!!!

Barbie Lens Only

1pairs RM15 - not include postage
2pairs RM25 - not include postage
3pairs RM40 - Free Postage for Semenanjung
4pairs RM55 - Free Postage for Sabah/Sarawak

Original Price

1pairs RM15 - not include postage
2pairs RM30 - not include postage
3pairs RM45 - Free Postage for Semenanjung
4pairs RM60 - Free Postage for Sabah/Sarawak

*promotion until 5th February only.
Those who made payment after that date, price will be convert into original price ( price before promotion) .

For return customer, those who have give their picture(s) as feedbacks will get RM1 discount
( valid for during promo and non promo ).

For more details and contact lens image, please click
Contact Lens and Sarawak Items

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gambar Burit Maria Ozawa

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First of all, i wanna says Good Morning Saturday ! 

Rutin aku setiap awal pagi memang aku akan buka Nuffnang accout aku sebab line aku cuma laju di pagi hari tapi slow di siang hari. 
For your information, i doesn`t have a lot of visitors because i`m rarely update my blog due the problem of my keyboard and my blog kinda not interesting to be read, follow and comment by others. 

Okay fellas, usually i never bother to write about this because already several times happen tapi kali ni aku bagi kelonggaran yang kurang special for you all to read. *if you want to

Siapa yang tak kenal Maria Ozawa? 
Aku rasa ada segelintir mungkin tak dan segelintir ya sebab issue panas dia di Indonesia dulu dan ada berlakon dalam filem Miyabi di Indonesia dulu.

Back to the main title again, ` Gambar Burit Maria Ozawa `.
Title may not nice to be read or click and also bukan tu yang aku nak share.
I have to admit this, i`m a bit surprised keyword ni keluar dalam nuffnang aku.

*click to enlarge

Ya Allah.. 
Apa ni, i never upload anything yang berkaitan dengan sex ataupun gambar lucah kat blog aku ni.

Honestly, i do have write about her in this blog but i never mentioned about sex and only use the word porno as i recall.
Click here to read the entry : Miyabi ( Maria Ozawa ) Punya Pasal

Memang takde kerja la dorang nak Google burit Maria Ozawa.
Kan lebih bagus pergi ambil cermin and tengok burit sendiri. 
Lawak pulak bila baca keyword nie.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anime : Amnesia

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Amnesia ! Yes ! That`s an Anime that i start watching recently.
Its really a new Anime because haven`t finish yet and currently still airing at Japan.
Start aired on 8th January 2013 ( episode 1 ) and 
recently released their new episode ( episode 3 ) on 22th January 2013. 
Actually, i heard that their making this Anime based from game. 
I`m not really sure about the title, maybe same title as Anime i guess.

The story started to begins when Heroine tries to escape a burning church, 
then later she was seen sinking in the apse. 
After she woke up, she lost all of her memories and had no memories of the people she had known. 
When the Heroine is at home, a young boy named Orion who had already known her three days after August 1st, explained how she lost her memories and a way to help her to get it back. 
However, if she wasn't able to get her memories back, she would soon lose her memories to talk, eat, sleep, and breathing if it continues.
As the story progresses, the Heroine seems to gain one of her memories back which is a memory of her and Ikki, who was helping her make the parfait. 
After work was done, she and Orion found in her mailbox a picture of her with her face scribbled out. 
At the end of the episode, a group of girls comfronted Heroine that she broke their "promise", that when the Heroine suddenly remembers one of the girls had pair of scissors and cut off a lock of her hair. After seeing that trauma memory, she fainted. 

Want to know more? Go watch via online laaaa.

Here i wanna share something, i wanna share my favorite character in Amnesia.

He was :

Shin ( last name i don`t know yet )

 Shin is one of the main male characters you can interact with. 
He is the childhood sweetheart and friend of the heroine, 
and is childhood friend of Toma. 
He is in 3rd year high-school and is now studying hard to get into a university.
He likes playing card games and he's in the track and field club. 
His favorite animals are dogs.

Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd Year Anniversary

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*short entry

Hell yah ! It was really short entry ! 
Hereby, i just wanna share that today is an official 2 years anniversary for my blog and become blogger.
 21st Jan, yes 21st Jan ! Is the moment i come into blog world and become a blogger.
*clap clap clap

I really love to share to all readers my 1st entry i made , 
kinda awkward entry actually ( to those who non-sarawakian
because i`m using bahasa Melayu Sarawak. 
Some of you may not understand what write. 
Well, i`m still newbie that time and i didn`t know to much about blog writing.

Ok done, i`m print screen my 1st entry.
*please click to enlarge

Its really short ! Just a picture and short writing.

By the way, done for now and last but not least ( rasa sekolah pulak ),

Happy 2 years anniversary !!!!
*to my blog :P

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Aspire To Be A Top Model contest.

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Okay .. For your information, that entry TITLE obviously related to me actually.
Wanna know why?

I am one of the 10 winners for Do You Aspire To Be A Top Model contest.
Its really make me feel excited but my mum not allowed me to go.

Becomes a model also one of my dream.
I have 2 dreams since i was child, 
i wanna be an AIR HOSTESS for Malaysia Airlines and a MODEL .

Wanna know the prize?
Look at this pictures.

Okay, just skip it to the point.
Here an e-mel i received just now.

Hi Siti Nurfatwa,
Greetings from Playboy Fragrances Malaysia!
Congratulations on becoming one of the 10 winners for Do You Aspire To Be A Top Model contest.
You have won yourself an Introduction To Modeling Pro course by Amber Chia Academy worth RM2,000
A notification email will be sent to notify you further on the date and time of prize presentation ceremony as well as actual dates for the modeling course to kick-off.
Please be reminded to get ready a copy of your NRIC together with original receipt as proof of purchase. Failure to do so will result in the prize being forfeited and awarded to the next winner in line.
And this is the list of 10 winner and my name is on 1st line. :)
* i`m sexy and i know it

*their update

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of Do You Aspire To Be A Top Model Contest.

You are that much closer now to making your dream come true as a Model!

Yes! Much closer now to making my dream come true as a Model.
Unfortunately, i can`t go and i need to let go my dream as a model.
Although, its just an Introduction To Modeling Pro course, i still want it because from there i will able to gain an experience.
No luck . :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mandarin Course

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Currently i`m planning on study Mandarin Course and my mother gave her green light.
 Woohooo~ thanx a lot mum.
I`m searching for Mandarin Course at Sibu area. 
Does anyone knows where i can find it? 
And how much the fee?
Although i live here, not much areas i know.

Urmmm~ thats kinda a bit problem for me. 
If someone knows, please inform me ya?

For your information, Sibu areas full with Chinese and Iban people,
 and some jobs,
they really needs someone who able to speak Chinese.
Unfortunately, i`m not able to speak Chinese but i`m able to understand it
although i understand it,
there is no guarantee they gonna hire me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Blended Caramel from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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I really ♥ Ice Blended Caramel with Cream on Top made from Coffee Bean rather than Starbucks .
If you tasted both you will know the difference.

The one in the picture is Ice Blended Black Forest with Cream on Top made from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. *i dislike the taste(i`m prefer caramel ♥)

* Espresso Cappuccino and Ice Blended Caramel with Cream on Top

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd Vacation - Temiang, Seremban

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I`m spends most of my time at Temiang..
I`m sleep there, eat there, play there, online there, have fun there.. 
Bla bla bla.. 
Can says that what had i done at my house, i done it there too.. :)

By the way, you wanna know something? 
The place of the house that i live there were really strategic !
In front of the house got Mosque (Masjid) ,
 side of it got Indian Temple (kuil India) 
at the back got Chinese Temple ( tokong Cina ) 
but i`m only snap a few pictures ( mostly at Chinese Temple ).

I really love a few scene at Chinese Temple because its really nice place to have a picture.
Here`s a few pictures i have..

If you stands at the place i were, i`m quite sure you gonna impressed because you can almost see the whole Seremban City up there. 

When my mother was looking at a picture of me there, my mother asked "have you wished?" 
and I said "no, why?". 
My mother replied, "you should be wishing there because you have Chinese blood"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WORLD'S BEST CABIN CREW (Walk-in Interview) - January 2013 intake

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Yay !!! Finally an open interview from Malaysia Airlines.. 
I`ve been waiting for a year... :)

Join Us

If you love travelling and dream of experiencing the world, join us as a Flight Stewardess. We offer an attractive salary package with allowances, medical and other fringe benefits.


Malaysian citizen aged between 18 to 30 years as of interview date.
Minimum SPM or its equivalent as recognised by the Malaysian Government with credit in English and pass in any other 5 subjects including Bahasa Malaysia OR higher academic qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government with proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and English.
Fluency in another language is an added advantage.
Minimum height (weight in proportion): 157cm (female).
Excellent health and good eyesight. Not colour blind.
Pleasant personality and a genuine passion in customer service.
If you meet the above requirements, please attend our CABIN CREW WALK-IN INTERVIEWS to be held as follows.

STATION: Kuala Lumpur

Venue: MALAYSIA AIRLINES ACADEMY, No. 2 Jalan SS7/13, Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Date: 5 January 2013 (Saturday)

Category: Stewardess

STATION: Kota Kinabalu

Venue: LE MERIDIEN, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Date: 12 January 2013 (Saturday)

Category: Stewardess

STATION: Kuching

Venue: MERDEKA PALACE HOTEL & SUITES, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Kuching, Sarawak

Date: 19 January 2013 (Saturday)

Category: Stewardess


Venue: HOTEL ROYAL PENANG, No. 3 Jalan Larut, Penang

Date: 26 January 2013 (Saturday)

Category: Stewardess

Registration time: 8.30 am to 12.00 noon

Please bring along your letter of application, resume, original and certified true copies of academic certificates, IC and a recent passport-sized photograph (non-returnable) and completed Malaysia Airlines Job Application Form. Candidates are advised to dress appropriately (office attire) for the interview (t-shirt, slippers and jeans are not allowed). Candidates are encouraged to wear kebaya.

Successful candidates will be required to sign a training bond. Employment will be based on a five-year contract. Candidates are advised to be prepared for a possibly long waiting period due to an anticipated high number of attendees.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1st Vacation - Genting Highlands

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 4:50 PM 2 comments
What else i wanna says? Damnit ! Its really cool like an ice up there !!
I don`t even know why some chinese able to stand the weather.
You know what? They just wearing shorts pants and sexy tops , then walk around like that day was hot day.

Skip to the point, here`s some of my pictures at Genting Highlands... 

Being there feels like i wanna have part-time jobs there :)
Their salary kinda high too and they also provide place to stay ...

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