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Saturday, January 12, 2013

2nd Vacation - Temiang, Seremban

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 5:01 AM
I`m spends most of my time at Temiang..
I`m sleep there, eat there, play there, online there, have fun there.. 
Bla bla bla.. 
Can says that what had i done at my house, i done it there too.. :)

By the way, you wanna know something? 
The place of the house that i live there were really strategic !
In front of the house got Mosque (Masjid) ,
 side of it got Indian Temple (kuil India) 
at the back got Chinese Temple ( tokong Cina ) 
but i`m only snap a few pictures ( mostly at Chinese Temple ).

I really love a few scene at Chinese Temple because its really nice place to have a picture.
Here`s a few pictures i have..

If you stands at the place i were, i`m quite sure you gonna impressed because you can almost see the whole Seremban City up there. 

When my mother was looking at a picture of me there, my mother asked "have you wished?" 
and I said "no, why?". 
My mother replied, "you should be wishing there because you have Chinese blood"

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