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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ragnarok Online 2

Posted by Nono AB Jalil at 2:22 AM 0 comments
Jeng jeng jeng ! 
Bukan apa aku nak update pasal Ragnarok Online 2 ( RO2), aku update sebbab aku addict gila dengan game online ni. Yea... and 1 more things... In Game Name ( IGN ) aku tersenarai dalam 80 orang pemenang bertuah. Of course i`m happy.. 

Sebenarnya secara langsung aku tak tahu pasal even ni sampai la ada seorang guild member aku ni post dalam group..

Ada sesiapa berminat nak try game ni?

Boleh klil link RagnarokOnline2

Ya the only server now is VANIR.

Wanna know my IGN?

Ok here i got 2 characters that i always play.

1st - NonoBrittania - class SORCERER
2nd - PriestEuphemia - class PRIEST
(*character rambut kuning yang pakai spec tu is mine )

Nak di pendekkan cerita, IGN yang bernama PriestEuphemia itulah yang buat aku menang.
Baju dan cap.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello My Public Diary

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Hello and hello, i think its already about 1/2 year i didnt write any entry for my public diary.

Well, since i moving to Kuala Lumpur i have less time to online due my working hours not very flexible. 
For your information, during my off days i spends some of my to have a photoshoot. 
Hehhehe.. saja nak bagitao~ 
Ni salah 1 picture nya yang latest..

That`s all at the moment...

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